How schools are allocated


Feel free to use the information on this site, however it will not be updated and may quickly be out of date.  All enquiries should be directed to Kirklees Pupil Admissions.

How Schools Are Allocated (Normal Round)

Child Qualifies For: Preference 1 Preference 2 Preference 3
Preference 1 / 1, 2 & 3 Allocated Discarded No Right of Appeal Discarded No Right of Appeal
Preference 2 / 2 & 3 Right of Appeal Allocated Discarded No Right of Appeal
Preference 3 Right of Appeal Right of Appeal Allocated
No Preferences Right of Appeal Right of Appeal Right of Appeal

Waiting Lists

 Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools

The Autumn Term waiting list will close on 31 December.

An online form will be available between December and January for parents to use if you wish to keep your child’s name on the waiting list for the Spring Term.  If you do not complete this, your child will be automatically removed from the list and any appeals you have lodged will be cancelled as the Local Authority will assume you are no longer interested in a place.

Own Admission Authority Schools

The admissions authority for the school is responsible for maintaining their own waiting list in line with their published admission arrangements.

Further information on waiting lists can be found on the Local Authority website


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