General Appeals


Feel free to use the information on this site, however it will not be updated and may quickly be out of date.  All enquiries should be directed to Kirklees Pupil Admissions.

This type of appeal should take place in two parts. and there may be more than one family present at your appeal.

Parents, the admissions authority officer (and possibly a representative of the schools) will go into the hearing together.

In part 1 of the hearing the Admission Authority’s officer will explain why a place has been refused. The school may also have submitted a statement which supports this decision, this will be read out by the officer.

You and the appeals panel can question the presenting officer on the information they have read out, but don’t worry if you don’t have any questions at this stage.

After all the questions, the panel will ask everyone to go back to the waiting room so that they can make a decision about the first part of the hearing – this is when the panel will decide if the school is full. If they decide the school is full and a case has been made then the process will move onto part 2 of the hearing, which is known as the ‘balancing stage’.

If the panel were to decide that the school is not full there is no need to move on to part two of the hearing and the child(ren) would be offered a place without going to part 2.

In part 2, you will be asked to explain your reasons for wanting a place at your preferred school. If there are other parents /carers appealing for the same school, the panel will not make a decision until they have heard each family’s individual case.

Depending on how many parents/carers are attending the appeal you might have to stay for the whole session, this could be a few hours if your appeal is heard last.

Each case is looked at individually. The panel will balance the needs of your family against those of the school and decide if they can allow your appeal or not.



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