What We Do

Watch the video below to see the kind of help that is available

Services are there for:

  • Young people (aged 25 or under) who are disabled   or need extra help with learning
  • Children who are disabled or need extra help with learning
  • Parents or carers of those children and young people

Services give information, advice and support on:

  • Schools, college or training
  • Getting the right healthcare
  • Getting the right support at home, school or in the workplace


Services do not normally help with:

  • Bullying
  • Sex and relationships education
  • Making friends

But, if your local service can’t help with something, then they will try to find somewhere that can.


The services are always:



You do not have to pay anything.


The staff at the service will not tell other people what you have said.
Normally the adviser at the service will not tell other people what you have said.
The only time they would is if someone was in danger of being hurt. Or if you had agreed that it was ok.
The adviser will always speak to you first if they are going to share your information with someone else.


Advisers in the service will not take sides or tell you what to do. They will give you information about what the law is and what your choices are. They will help you make your own decisions.

You have a right to get information, advice and support on your own or with parents or carers. It is up to you.


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