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GDPR Information

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Calderdale and Kirklees IASS GDPR May 2018

By providing IASS with your personal data you are giving your consent to this policy.

IASS Retention Policy for Parents and Young People

Once you have contacted IASS we will ask your permission to keep your personal information on our database so that we can continue to contact you in response to your enquiry or should we need to contact other agencies on your behalf in the best interests of your child or young person. IASS is a statutory service and must retain this information on the database for six years from the last point of contact for any general enquiries, or 31 years if your child receives an EHCP.

Privacy Notice

We are an impartial, confidential Service and our data is collected independently of the Local Authority on Crossdata via Charitylog. If you require any information from Crossdata please contact the IASS Service direct and request it. The Data Controller will be happy to send you this information.
If anyone from the Local Authority requests your information the Data Controller will collect it and also inform you.

Any statistics, say about how many referrals the IASS is receiving, that are requested by the Local Authority are sent entirely anonymously.
We will keep you informed about any personal data requests to IASS by any agency before releasing the information to anyone.

The kind of data we collect includes your name, your address and telephone number, an email and your child’s details such as any condition or special needs and/or disability, and which provision or school they attend. The IASS Officer may also make some concise notes about any actions they have followed up on your behalf.

Privacy Agreement

By accepting the IASS Retention policy you agree to provide your personal information so that the IASS can provide you with the Information, Advice and Support you need.

The completion of sharing this information with IASS constitutes that your consent has been given for us to process your data for these purposes only.

You have the right to see this information and ask for it to be removed at any time. Please contact the IASS Data Controller and it will be deleted as soon as possible.

You have the right to complain through the Data Protection Officer.
If you require your information please do not hesitate to contact the IASS direct.

A Disposal Record will be set up where any requests will be registered, dated and authorized to be deleted by the Data Controller.

Any information will be kept for a maximum of 31 years if a child has an EHCP, six years for all other Referrals from the last date of contact.

By providing IASS with your personal data you are giving your consent to this policy.
For further information on GDPR see the ICO website.