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Preparing for Adulthood

Factsheet for Parents and Carers

From the last Friday in June after they turn 16, your child will become a young person according to SEN Law. They will be encouraged to make decisions about their EHCP, learning and life choices.

As a parent or carer, you are probably used to making these decisions for your child and you will continue to have a vital role in encouraging your young person to make and share their views, goals and ambitions for future life and have a smooth and positive transition to adulthood.

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Preparation for adulthood should start when your child is in nursery or primary school but after Year 9 there will be more focused planning for:

Key decision-making rights around the EHC Plan processes pass to your young person after compulsory school age (last Friday in June after 16th birthday)

They can:

Preparation for Adulthood is a shared, gradual process for young people

Who will be part of the preparation for adulthood?

Young Person

The laws says that the young person must be closely involved in decisions about their future. This will usually be with the support of their parents/carers, but the young person must agree to any decisions reached. They can also be supported by an advocate who will ensure that their views are considered by everyone involved. These will include:

What can you do to support your young person?

Talk to them about the changes, now that they are 16 and encourage them to think about:

Where can we get information, advice and support?

The law says that children and young people can access information, advice and support independently from their parents. The advice that they receive must be impartial, confidential and free.

At Kirklees Independent Advice Service (KIAS) and Calderdale SENDIASS we can give free, legally based, confidential, impartial advice and support including:

Who do I contact?

We would be happy to hear from you on:

KIAS – (Kirklees enquiries)
Telephone: 0300 330 1504

SENDIASS – (Calderdale enquiries)
Telephone: 01422 266141