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What are My Education and Training Choices After I Leave School and What Support Will I Get if I Have Special Educational Needs?

Information for Young People

Information for young people on support options when choosing to continue their education or training.

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When you leave school, you have many options for education or training:

What Support Might I Get At College?

Where Might I Go Age 19 Onwards? (Normally young people over 19 are called an adult learner)

Some special schools or colleges offer learning to those aged 19-25 with an EHC Plan

If you have an EHC Plan this will finish if you go to university, but universities must make reasonable adjustments for students with a disability. This could include:


Free transport is not an automatic right for young people over 16.

The Local Authority (Kirklees or Calderdale) publishes a transport statement every year explaining arrangements for all young people, including those with disabilities and special educational needs, to get to their place of education.

You will find this information on Kirklees or Calderdale’s ‘Local Offer’ available online.

Will I Have To Pay For My Course?

Tuition is free for young people aged 16-18 and includes additional support, reasonable adjustments, and referral to specialist services if you need this.

If you have disability learning and training providers must do everything, they reasonably can remove any barriers that prevent you accessing learning.
Young people over 19 can be charged for tuition fees. This depends on the type and level of the course.

You may not have to pay some or all the cost if:

You can ask for a Social Care assessment to see if you can get funding to pay for day care.

Many colleges offer courses for 3 days a week and young people over 16 are not entitled to education 5 days a week but if you have an EHC Plan the Local Authority must consider if supported learning over 5 days would be best to meet your needs. This could include:

University students with higher needs may be able to get a Disabled Students Allowance. You can ask for a Social Care assessment to see if you can get funding to pay for support including:

Where can we get information, advice and support?

At Kirklees Independent Advice Service (KIAS) and Calderdale SENDIASS we can give free, legally based, confidential, impartial advice and support including:

Who do I contact?

We would be happy to hear from you on:

KIAS – (Kirklees enquiries)
Telephone: 0300 330 1504

SENDIASS – (Calderdale enquiries)
Telephone: 01422 266141