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Young Person's Guide to Having Your Say in Decisions About Your Education Health Care Plan

Information for Young People

Under SEN law you become a ‘Young Person’ at the end of compulsory school age (the last Friday in June after you turn 16). You then have the right to make requests and decisions for yourself to prepare for adult life.

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As a young person you can:

According to the Children and Families Act, Local Authorities must have regard, within your EHC plan to make sure that:

If these are put in place then your EHC plan should reflect your hopes and aspirations, strengths and needs and the support that will work best for you.

As a young person you should have your voice heard so that your EHC plan says what you need to succeed but remember you are not alone in this and can get help from those who know you best such as parents/carers, other family members, friends or an ‘Advocate’ * to help you make decisions, go to meetings, fill in forms, send emails, make phone calls.

You might want support to express your views about:

*The IASS provides advocacy support for individual children, young people, and parents that empowers them to express their views and wishes and help them to understand and exercise their rights in matters including exclusion, complaints, SEND processes, and SEND appeals.

You can choose any of these options for making decisions about your EHCP:

Remember - If you want others to make decisions on your behalf you must give consent to this.

Where can we get information, advice and support?

At Kirklees Independent Advice Service (KIAS) and Calderdale SENDIASS we can give free, legally based, confidential, impartial advice and support including:

Who do I contact?

We would be happy to hear from you on:

KIAS – (Kirklees enquiries)
Telephone: 0300 330 1504

SENDIASS – (Calderdale enquiries)
Telephone: 01422 266141